In a global economy that needs to be ever more innovative and efficient, one in five companies in France and one in three worldwide find it difficult to recruit talented employees.

Technological breaks multiplying, atypical profiles able to accompany or conceive change are welcomed by open arms by technology companies or SMEs and still shunned by major groups in the traditional economy.

Culture Crunch / 4 février 2019 / Management / TRAVAIL


Dans une économie mondialisée nécessitant d’être toujours plus innovant et performant, une entreprise sur cinq en France et une sur trois dans le monde éprouvent des difficultés à recruter des collaborateurs de talents.

Les ruptures technologiques se multipliant, les profils atypiques à même d’accompagner ou de concevoir le changement sont accueillis à bras ouverts par les entreprises de technologie ou les PME et encore boudés par les grands groupes de l’économie traditionnelle.

Culture Crunch / 4 février 2019 / Management / TRAVAIL

Born in Namur, in Belgium, I grew up in Rwanda. After my studies as an agricultural engineer in Louvain-la-Neuve (UCLouvain), via Leuven (KULEUVEN) and Tunis (INAT), I joined a coffee company as an assistant manager in Rwanda.

My Master achieved, I realize that I have a baggage, certainly, that must be filled. I do not know anything about coffee but quickly, I learn the specificities of the product and the trade, the operation of the company and the workings of import / export. I’m interested in stock market mechanisms and when it comes to buying or selling, you have to react in a timely manner. For the import service, I develop a billing system that facilitates decision making. During his holidays, the boss lets me act. These periods are going well, I am making changes, I am exploiting potentials, synergies …

It is at this time that I discover the passion of the trade, a small roasting unit and, already, the pleasure of managing the teams: to join around the common project, to motivate to work hands-on, to reach a collective result and celebrate successes.

That’s what motivates me to invest myself 200%. This way of functioning (adaptability, quick learning, motivation and loyalty, transmission), I take it with me in every company – as long as it corresponds to my own values ​​of respect, gratitude and trust and allows me to learn, to transmit and to go off the beaten track.

It happens that I was very lucky to have bosses who let me express a new vision and demonstrate that regenerating the creativity of the company’s talents was paying off.

Within SIAT (Société d’Investissement pour l’Afrique Tropicale) in Ghana, as commercial director, I am in charge of launching and developing the products (olein, stearin, RPKO) of the new refining unit and the storage of 10,000 tonnes of shea butter per year for third parties. With my team, we are also developing new markets, particularly in Nigeria.

At OLAM (Singaporean Food and Agri-Business Company), I am committed to turn around the cocoa business in Ghana. The entrepreneurial spirit is part of the group’s DNA. Based in Accra, with 200 people in 50 districts, thanks to the freedom and confidence I have been given, we are moving from a loss situation to a profit situation in 2 years time and were awarded the CEO’s award of excellence ‘Origin of the Year’ – Ghana.

Likewise at Barry Callebaut, as managing director – Ghana: beyond the results (a record growth, a million hours of work without accident, staff turnover rate at 4%), I have the freedom to build synergies that have a strong societal impact. For example, in collaboration with the Chocolate Design Company (Japan) and the validation of the Ministry of Education, Barry Callebaut builds a kindergarten and primary school in the center of the country.

Earlier, during the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, we obtained, with the help of the Swiss Embassy, ​​the authorizations of the Ministry of Health to build a containment and health center in Tema. Fortunately, it will not serve. This center benefited 26 million people and became the first quarantine center in the country. Even if this action went beyond the scope of the cocoa business, it was our duty to respond in times of uncertainty.

More recently, at Vinolux – Covivins (Belgium’s leading importer / exporter of spirits), by completely reviewing the functioning of the organization and the process of buying and selling, the company has gone from a growth of 9% to 31%, in 6 months time.

Throughout my career, I evolve in different cultures and universes that bring me another look at human relationships, their history, their achievements, contexts and inspire me the greatest respect.

What I’m passionate about is seeing the potential at all levels: people, product, company, process, market and society, working confidently to achieve impactful results and seeing smiles illuminate the faces of the teams.

I got a Master in Innovation Management in 2018, at the Polytechnic Faculty of the Université de Mons (UMons), and pursuing a graduation in ‘Human’ Innovation Management at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) in 2019.

Growth and profit are a product of how people work together”

Said Ricardo Semler.

Cocobod News, A publication of Ghana Cacao Board, Issue 1, April 2011


The project was kicked-off on June 24th in Twifo Praso (Central Region) in presence of 300 farmers, the Chief farmer, Cocoa Board, the District Assembly, Conservation Alliance, Rain Forrest Alliance and the Olam Management staff including our Regional CRS Manager for Africa.

Articles that are important to me

Courage: a quality of the heart

Extrait des Bulletins Réflexifs de René Villemure, Éthicien.


Graal de l’entreprise agile.





Thanks for your update on the continuous improvement of your results. It is impressive and surely the result of a great work with your team and all employees.

A great leader inspires the others and moves into a joint direction.


Jemilatu Boye-Okit

Global Supplier Quality Manager at Barry Callebaut Group

Mr. John André is a consummate professional who epitomises what it means to drive results through people. During his tenure as the Managing Director at Barry Callebaut Ghana, John was instrumental in streamlining work processes by reorganising and empowering the workforce. This paved the way for the plant to achieve further successes in business and operational excellence, which was widely recognised by the multinational group.

John acts decisively to identify, promote and sponsor talent. When I felt ready for an international move, he supported my application first for a short-term assignment in Asia and thereafter for a long-term global position in Europe. Not only did John personally coach me to navigate the tough corporate environment but he continues to inspire me with his resilience and passion for excellence.

Sunny Verghese


Award of Excellence. In recognition of your valued contribution in making Ghana the origin of the year 2010-2011.

Frank Peprah, MBA

Finance Manager at United Creative Solutions Ghana Ltd

John is to me the Best Manager I have ever worked with. He is very objective, real and bold at taking decisions and trying new things. He is innovative and a people manager. And for everyday of work John when you share good bye with him he will tell you ‘Thank you’.

Thank you for coming to work and contributing your quota.

If there is any platform to vote the Best Manager- He definitely will have my vote.

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