I observe people and immerse myself with the values ​​that you embody to work with them.

Thanks to them, your business is alive; it thrives, withstands the weather and achieves results beyond expectations.



I have a deep respect and dedication to the founders of the companies, their vision, their achievements and their history.

Innovation Manager, I have been able to experience from the beginning of my career that empowering talents behind the same goal can move mountains.

Gerard has over 31 years’ experience in the Cocoa and the Chocolate industry and was a former Chairman of the Federation of Cocoa Commerce. He has been with Olam since 1998 and is Chairman of the Executive Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Committee. Read more…

2014, Barry Callebaut

Named “role model” Manager.

Dear John,

In September we surveyed over 400 recent Marbach participants on the quality of management practice in BC… both their own and their managers’. The survey asked also for people to name colleagues whom they considered  “role model” managers… those who demonstrate best practice. We are happy to inform you that you were one of those named.

Congratulations on this recognition by your colleagues, and we look forward to working with you to further improving management and leadership practice at BC.

Best regards,

Jerry Murphy (For Global HR and the Marbach programs – Email of 17 Nov, 2014).

2011 – olam

Employee satisfaction survey grows by 32% (from 65% to 86% in two years time).


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